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"Dear Amy,

I don't usually write reviews or testimonials, but I want to personally give you a big THANK YOU for writing the Empowering Your Brain eBook.  It is an amazing eBook that's simple to understand and easy to follow.  I find that it is not only good for me (I am in my early 40's), but it is also an excellent resource for my parents, my siblings, and their kids.  I will be passing on this eBook for them to read so we can motivate one another.  I believe everyone should read this eBook because I know they will all gain something from it.  It made me realize how I have been mistreating myself and not taking care of my brain and my well-being.  It has inspired me to follow your steps in the eBook to unleash my brain power so I can be my better self.  It has only been 3 weeks and I can already feel the improvement.

Thanks again, Amy!   Keep up the good work!  I wish you every success in your mission."
- Alfred, Mountain View, California

Alfred sent me this sincere, unsolicited testimonial after receiving my eBook which he found valuable.


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